This machine grinds the raw material between two rollers to homogenize and obtain a compact structure. The fineness of the grinding ranges from 0,8 to 5 mm which enhances the quality of the production. Milled clay that turns into fine material can absorb the water easily, thus becomes very homogenous to facilitate the extrusion and removes the defects of the clay. The difference in the running speed of the rollers provides a plastered grinding of the raw material. The roller shells are manufactured with spheroidal cast-iron of high hardness. In order to avoid any break, a unit of pressure and hydraulic monitoring ensures the protection of the cylinders in the case of any hard foreign body. The scraper blade system is pneumatic and allows better cleaning of the surfaces of the rollers thus increasing the performance of the machine. The material conforms to international safety standards.

Ø1000x800Ø1000x1000Ø1200x800Ø1200x1000Ø1200x1000 CXØ1200x1200
Roller Diameter / Roller Width mm1000x8001000x10001200x8001200x10001200x1000x1401200x1200x140
Roller Speedm/s11-1311-1313-1613-1615-2215-22
Motor PowerKw75&9075&9090&11090&11090&110110&132